I'm Lori Nedescu,


+ Founder of The Cadence Kitchen
+ Sports & Wellness Dietitian
+ Elite Athlete
+ Recipe Developer
+ Freelance Nutrition Writer


Ready to fuel your body for an active lifestyle?



Lori is a Registered Dietitian with a bachelor's in dietetics from the University of Nevada at Reno + master's degree in Human Nutrition from Eastern Michigan University and holds Certification as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics.

Her passion for living an energized, sporty life led her to develop The Cadence Kitchen, a nutrition resource for anyone looking to improve performance and general wellness through good food and health practices.

As an elite athlete she knows the importance diet plays in feeling & performing her best! Lori races world wide as a road cyclist with Welland Racing. Because one sport isn't enough, Lori uses her off the bike time to run marathons and currently holds a PR of 2:56:10 for the distance. 

Working with Lori means getting one on one attention that is tailored to your specific needs and doesn't conform to fad or trendy diets. 


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